Loves Park Scuba has technicians that are manufacturer trained to service and inspect your scuba gear.  We offer in house services that are recommended by the manufacturers with options for regulators, BCDs (buoyancy control devices), and dive computers. Some manufacturers mandate bi-annual full service with interim inspections. 

Service turnaround time is 2-3 weeks unless parts are not in stock and then depends on the manufacturers.  


Annual Regulator Service Labor Fees

* Plus Parts (Cost Varies Based on Manufacturer and Model)

We disassemble your regulator and clean all parts according to manufacturer standards. We will rebuild your regulator using original manufacturer parts. Your regulator will be tuned to meet manufacturer specifications on our test bench, followed by an immersion test to detect any fine leaks.

Annual Regulator Full Service First Stage


Annual Regulator Full Service Second Stage


Annual Regulator Full Service Octo


Bi-Annual Regulator Inspection Service First Stage


Bi-Annual Regulator Inspection Service Second Stage


Bi-Annual Regulator Inspection Service Octo


Dive Computer Console Service

$25.00 includes changing battery

Console Service


We test the SPG's accuracy and clean the console seal


Annual BCD Service

* Plus Parts (Inflator Parts Vary by Manufacturer and Model)

Annual BCD service includes gross exterior cleaning of velcro and buckles, interior treatment to prevent mold and maintain bladder pliability, inflator and valve testing and servicing, along with pressure checks for reliability.

Annual BCD Service




*Parts must be in stock to expedite repair time!

2 Day Service


1 Week Service


2 Week Service


Shipping Service

3 simple steps for shipping service.

  • STEP 1: Find your preferred Regulator, BCD, and Dive Computer Services from our price list and consult with our experts via phone; 815-633-6969 or email;

  • STEP 2: Fill out the Reg, BCD, & Dive Computer Service Form

  • STEP 3: Ship to Loves Park Scuba, 7307 N. Alpine Rd., Loves Park, IL 61111 using your preferred shipping provider


          * FOR LOCALS: Drop by Loves Park Scuba with your equipment. The Staff will arrange a service booking and will ask about your equipments history or performance. Please inform us if you are on a tight deadline. While our standard turnaround time is two to three weeks, we offer ‘Expedited Service’ for an extra fee.

All items MUST be accompanied by the below Repair or Service Form.

Reg, BCD, & Dive Computer Service Form

Please provide detailed descriptions of any issues or damages to help us assess and quote your service with return shipping fee.


Scuba Air, Nitrox and CO2 Fills

Loves Park Scuba has a brand new state of the art air and nitrox compressor that is maintained and inspected regularly.  We also test the air quality yearly to ensure that you are breathing the best air possible with every tank fill!

Scuba Air Fills


Nitrox EAN32 Fills


Nitrox EAN36 Fills


Paintball Fills


CO2 Fills